Here is the ubiquitous links page, detailing where I think you should go from here.

Wordy folks:

Jimm at 121 Rue Bienville

The ever-productive James Lileks (and read his blog every day)

Matt Dinniman

Carol at Seen Eating Green

Duncan Saunders

Music Folks:

Ricky P. and his many, many incarnations

Ever-talented Joey Minadeo

The greatest living musician, Mike Keneally

The sickningly-creative Marcello Radulovich

Twangerific Church of the Lazy Bastards

Deeply, darkly, bleeperific Murderous Vision

The funner Blackgrass Baptism


In the Lord’s Name We Prey

Miss Firecracker, I’m blushing

Physical Object Folks:

Pretty, pretty Beethings Studio

Ecclecticy thingies at Suite 22

Old, musty and cool books at the Book Vault

Faeries and the like at Claude Raymond Design

Pretty Picture Folks:

Katie Breaux

Ben Jacobsen

Mark Schueler

Royston Kane

Bobby Tingle

Sara at Iron Eternity Photography

Alan Hoglen

Ken Gilbert

David Howland

Jeffrey Swanson

Jay Luikart

Josh Sweeney

Lonnie Shull

Nate Lindstrom

Craig Coak

Sujatha Mizar

Dan McCarty

Eric Gove

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