Beloved First World Problems

It’s the beginning of the year! You know how everyone is looking for a new resolution? I have one for all of us: let us resolve to kick the shins of people who say “first world problems”.

Oh, sure, you’ve seen someone prattle on, in fire-breathing tone, about something completely innocuous. But you know what is absolutely true in this situation? That the person who responds dismissively with “first world problems” is an asshole. On top of that he is making it more likely that we have to deal with third world problems.

You see, here is how the world works in the first world. By complaining about something you are adding to the chorus asking for a particular change. One of us hears this, works on it, fixes it, sells their fix it to you and your life becomes better. This fosters an environment where we all have to listen to each other to get ahead.

When the loudmouth bemoans someone’s noting that their smartphone isn’t syncing with their new sportscar as well as they’d like, he is attempting to break that virtuous cycle. And this is what happens in the third world and why it remains the third world. For a variety of reasons, the mass of individuals have little wherewithal to make other’s lives better, the complaints are therefore just noise, and society becomes a place where problems mount until all is misery.

So, when next you run across a world-ruiner and his snarky three-word attempt at crushing prosperity, get your kicking shoes ready. And kick, kick, kick with blows of righteousness. A better future is at stake!